We are.. occasional pudding


Gossen's First Law of Economics stipulates that too much of anything leads to its dislike. That's why everyone enjoys Occasional Pudding.

A fine blend of the best highland and hillbilly malts.  Occasional Pudding delivers sweet sounds with a smooth aftertaste. Described by some as being “a sophisticated approach to poly-traditional genre-based weekend entertainment." Occasional Pudding is sure to please the most discerning reveler.

What Occasional Pudding delivers is a first-class soundtrack to the modern céilidh. What is a céilidh [kay-lee]? It's a gathering of people seeking merriment, usually aided by whiskey. So, basically, it's the Gaelic word for "hoe-down", and Occasional Pudding is renowned for its close-to-the-ground hoe-down sound.

That's because our repertoire spans continents and centuries. From traditional Irish and Atlantic Canadian to vintage rock to country and bluegrass classics. Occasional Pudding aims to please all audiences – from pubs to bars to summer festivals to retirement homes to Royal Albert Hall. Ok, maybe that's pushing it a little. But indoors or out, Occasional Pudding delivers the goods. The delicious goods.

But WHO is Occasional Pudding?

DAN... He loves to eat rocks and dirt. Owls nest in his beard and raccoon's live in his banjo. He enjoys good whiskey but will settle for a lot of it.  Influences include station wagons and dirt roads. He would like St Anne's Reel played at his imminent and untimely funeral.

PAT... He was raised by a single mother and 12 older sisters.  Some may call him a born 'Ladies' Man. In his youth he enrolled in hair-styling.  His swift hand skills led him to play bass guitar.  It was here that history was forever changed.

JULES... A leading figure in the Neo-Thracian art revival. He has turned his efforts to being a sound geologist, seeking to unearth the organic, acoustic pathways that lie in the post-modern underground.  Which is really a convoluted way of saying that he plays the fiddle and mandolin, and enjoys long walks on the beach. He also dislikes hipsters before anyone else.

MIKE... A fine lad raised in Bytowne, Mike discovered music at an early age, and as time progressed, he fell to the dark side - he picked up wind instruments. As he ran out of wind instruments to melt down into percussive objects, his parents purchased him a set of drums. He revels in the acoustic properties of everything from 1950's suitcases, to kitchen counter-tops, and currently plays the Bodhran, Cajon and other percussion in the band. Mike also enjoys speaking in the third person.

ZAC… Was born to a son of a 9th generation 3rd tier buffalo farmer who abandoned him as an infant. At 13 he had grown a full beard and fallen in love with the colour of flannel.  Armed with his shockingly attractive beard and dapper looks, he set out to the big City. Desperate and destitute, he put the bagpipes away to pursue his second passion: pizza. Before long, his culinary skills led him to the esteemed position of guitar. Zac quickly became the city’s best, just below-average axe slinger. 


Vocals, Fiddle, Mandolin / Jules Sisk
Vocals, Banjo / Dan Arnott
Vocals, Percussion / Mike Berrigan
Bass / Pat Edwards
Guitar, Bagpipes / Zac Brydges



Pudding live

Friday June 16, 2017 - Ottawa Beer Fest

Join us Friday at the Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne Park to enjoy a great selection of craft, domestic, specialty and import beers.

We will be playing from 7:40-8:40pm

Beer fest opens at 3pm-11pm on the Friday.
Tickets can be purchased at https://www.ottawabeerfest.com/

Saturday june 17, 2017 - veggie trails farm

To celebrate the start of the 2017 season, Veggie Trail Farm is having us back for an evening of music and food. Come and relax, or kick up your heals and dance on the grass while you enjoy a musical evening out. Meet some new people or reacquaint yourselves with some others. It is meant to satisfy the need for social interaction in a safe, friendly, environment. This year’s menu is a mile high lasagna. There will be a meat version, a gluten free version and a vegetarian version to satisfy everyone’s desires. It will be accompanied by Cesar salad & fresh kale salad from our gardens. Desert will include Pavlova, Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble and a few other surprises.
The cost for this event is $ 35.00 per person + HST with a family rate of $ 100.00 + tax. Tickets can be purchased at the vegetable stand when it opens on June 1st. $40 dollars per person day of event.
Concert will start around 6:00.

For more info, Visit http://veggietrailfarms.com/index.html

FRIDAY July 7, 2017 - almonte celtfest

Celtfest is a fun weekend of Ottawa Valley and Celtic entertainment, in the natural amphitheater of Gemmill Park in the heart of Almonte. It also presents a select group of artisans and vendors of goods with a Celtic flair. Donations are welcomed at the gate.
We will be playing on the main stage with two other fantastic bands.  Come on out and enjoy a beautiful festival in Almonte. 


6:00 Occasional Pudding

7:00 Mac & Mac

8:00 De Temps Antan

March 17, 2018 - D'arcy mcgees - sparks street

St Patricks Day!! Music from 11am - 3pm





by Occasional Pudding

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St. Patricks Day - Live at Greenfields Pub and Eatery


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